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Editor's Review

Whether you want to be Katniss, Merida, or Hawkeye, there are three ways to play with Only Fun’s Archery Set. First, you can launch the seven rockets. There’s an arrow holder that attaches to the bow and holds your extra rockets for easy reloading. Slide on a rocket, pull back on the bow string, and release to fire. If you want to launch the 10 foam darts, insert a dart, pull back and release to fire. Wear the soft bullet belt around your wrist to store extra darts for easy reloading. You can also remove the bow’s plastic stem and insert a spherical ammo converter to launch the 12 ammo balls. Insert a ball, pull back, and release to launch. Extra balls can be stored in the storage bag. Set up the 10 cardboard targets and practice your aim. 

The manufacturer says this bow can launch foam balls up to 90 feet, rockets up to 120 feet, and the foam darts up to 150 feet. In our indoor testing, we got all three to fly about 20 feet, but if we had been outside with no obstructions, these would have gone farther.

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This bow has good power for young kids, and it’s easy to use. Kids will like that there are three ways to play. This will be fun whether you’re launching for distance or aiming for target practice.


3 ways to play
Bow is easy to use
Good power
Active outdoor play



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