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Editor's Review

If you remember playing Pac-Man at the arcade as a kid, then you’ll love bringing that feeling home for today’s kids with the Arcade1Up Jr. Pac-Man game. Standing 36 inches tall, this has the look of a classic arcade cabinet, complete with pretend coin slot.

Obviously, the game comes with Pac-Man, and there are three levels designed for preschool Pac-Man players. In Super Easy mode, the speed is slower and Pac-Man never dies if he touches a ghost. Same thing in Easy mode, expect the speed is normal. Then there’s Normal mode, which is the original gameplay. For this game, you’ll only need the player select buttons and the joystick.

However, there are two other buttons, and those are for playing the game cabinet’s two other games: Galaga and DigDug. Both of these games have Easy and Normal game modes. 

The game needs to be plugged into a wall outlet, and it should be played on a flat, level surface. It does have volume control. A wall anchor kit is included to prevent the game cabinet from tipping over. You can also buy a version of this that comes with a stool. 

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This is going to bring back fond memories for today’s gamer grandparents and parents. In fact, while kids will have fun playing these games, don’t be surprised if mom or dad are found playing, too. The eight-inch color screen delivers great graphics that, of course, look just like the original games. The easy levels make all three games easier for preschoolers to play, and then kids can “level up” once they’re ready for a new challenge. 


Eight-inch color screen with great graphics
Looks like classic arcade gaming cabinet
Comes with three games
Easy levels for beginner gamers
Fun for kids and adults



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