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Editor's Review

Now girls can have pets just like their American Girl dolls with a new line of American Girl stuffed animals.

Starting off the lineup is Girl of the Year Corinne Tan’s dog, Flurry. For the Corinne doll, there’s the Corinne’s Dog with Backpack accessory, which includes a small plush dog with teal backpack, a ball thrower toy with a ball, and a bag of pretend dog treats. But kids can cuddle up with their very own plush Flurry, featuring soft tan-and-white fur and a blue bandana.

Likewise, there’s a Coconut Chip Westie Terrier dog for the dolls that comes with a magnetic mouth for holding the newspaper toy. If kids want the same dog as their doll, they can with the Coconut Chip plush for girls. This soft, white dog wears a dotted collar.

The Daffodil Doodle dog for the dolls has short, curly brown fur, and a magnetic mouth to hold a barbell toy. Kids get their own Daffodil Doodle with the plush toy for girls that has that same curly fur and a rainbow-striped collar.

The Shi-Poo Sweetie dog for dolls has a mix of curly and straight black fur. Its magnetic mouth can hold its purse toy. The larger Shi-Poo Sweetie for girls wears pink bows in its black hair.

The Purrpley Pink Kitty for dolls has multicolor pastel fur and a magnetic mouth for holding its yarn toy accessory. The larger plush version for kids also has multicolor fur, plus a soft blue bow on one ear.

All of the large stuffed animals for kids are sustainably made, using fiberfill from 100-percent post-consumer recycled polyester, plastic pellets from 100-percent post-consumer recycled plastics, and faux-fur fibers made from 30-percent post-consumer recycled polyester. The hang tags are responsibly sourced and made from 100-percent post-consumer recycled brown kraft paper. These are also recyclable. And when the pets are shipped, the polybags are home-compostable, the shipping boxes are made from materials derived from responsible sources, and packing peanuts (when used) are 96-percent food starch and water-soluble. And the boxes for the doll pets can be repurposed into dog houses.

American Girl Plush Pets

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We like the variety of dogs and cats for kids to choose from. All of them are really cute! Kids will like giving their American Girl doll a pet, and then being able to have the same pet as their doll. The magnetic mouths of the small pets work well, and we like that these little guys are also very poseable. The larger plush for girls are so soft, with weighted feet so that they stand or sit.

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