American Girl 1999 Nicki Hoffman and Accessories Review

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Editor's Review

Travel all the way back in time to 1999 to meet one of American Girl’s newest historical dolls. Nicki Hoffman is growing up in Seattle with her twin sister. Unlike her twin, Nicki loves alternative music, skateboarding, and making Zines. The 18-inch Nicki doll comes with a Nicki: My Journal paperback book that tells Nicki’s story through her own words. It’s styled to look like a journal, complete with handwritten text, drawings, and magazine cut-outs. The doll itself has blue eyes and long brown hair with two blonde face-framing highlights. Nicki wears a navy T-shirt dress with a gray T-shirt underneath and a flannel shirt over both. The doll also wears socks and sneakers.

To customize Nicki’s look even more, there’s the Nicki’s Accessories set. This includes a baseball cap with the original American Girl logo, mini American Girl grin pins, sunglasses, a yin-yang choker necklace, a messenger bag, and a notebook.

You can also set up Nicki’s bedroom with the Nicki’s Bedroom Accessories set. This comes with a purple inflatable chair, an American Girl grin pin banner, a pretend alarm clock radio, and a printed paper Zine. There’s also a compact disc player that opens and closes so you can insert one of Nicki’s two CD mixes: Summer Mix and Birthday Mix. Plus, there’s a fun fill-in-the-blanks activity.

And if you’re decorating her bedroom, well, she needs a bed. Nicki’s Bed & Animal-Print Bedding Set comes with a white-painted wooden bedframe with purple tufted mattress. The zebra print pillow matches one side of the reversible comforter, but you can turn the comforter over for a purple leopard print. Use the yellow smiley face pillow, green alien pillow, and zebra throw pillow to complete the bed.

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This will definitely give today’s kids some insight as to what life was like in the 1990s, especially at the turn of the millennium, and how their parents lived as kids. We love the details of the accessories, especially seeing the original American Girl logo and products to show kids what American Girl was like in the 1990s. The styling of the book is really cool and may even inspire kids to keep a journal or diary just like Nicki. This will be a great doll for kids and adult collectors, inspiring a lot of imaginative play for the younger set. 


Journal styling of the paperback book

Variety of accessories to collect

Detail of those accessories

Imaginative play



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