American Girl 1999 Isabel and Nicki Accessories Review

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Editor's Review

American Girl’s newest historical dolls are ready to party like it’s 1999. Because they’re from 1999. Isabel and Nicki are twin sisters, but just because they look alike doesn’t mean they do everything exactly the same. They’ve got some different interests, which kids can play out through Isabel and Nicki Accessory Sets.

Isabel likes to play tennis, while Nicki is a skater girl. You can play out both activities with Isabel & Nicki’s 2-in-1 Tennis Court & Skate Spot. There’s a foldable park ground with tennis court art on one side and skate spot art on the other. When using the tennis court side, the net snaps onto round bases. There’s even a wind-up tennis ball launcher that really shoots the six tennis balls. For the skate side, there’s a large ramp with built-in rail, a small ramp, three rectangular skate platforms, stairs with a built-in rail, and a separate rail that can be configured into a custom skating set-up. Isabel can hold the included tennis racket and store the tennis balls in the basket. For Nicki, there’s a skateboard with artwork on the bottom and loops to hold the doll’s feet. Nicki can also wear the helmet, two elbow pads, and two knee pads. And kids can use the extra-large sticker sheet to decorate the ground and skate park platforms.

One thing the girls agree on is they both love pets. When their parents let them each pick a pet for Hanukkah, Isabel chooses a Calico kitten named Buffy and Nicki chooses a Chocolate Lab puppy named Blossom. You get both plush pets in the Isabel & Nicki’s Pet Set.

Like many kids in the ’90s, both girls are participating in Pizza Hut’s Book It! Program. If they read enough books, they’ll each earn a one-topping personal pan pizza and get a really cool pin. This Pizza Hut Book It! Set includes a personal pan pizza and a paper pizza box with the 1990s Pizza Hut logo and graphics on it. To bring the dine-in experience to life, there’s also a transparent red cup with the white Pizza Hut logo on it, a parmesan cheese shaker, and a red pepper shaker. The set includes one doll-sized Book It! pin that clips onto clothing, a doll-sized “free pizza” certificate, and a doll-sized version of Super Slumber Parties, an American Girl book that was released in 1997. There’s also a booklet with a fun MASH-style game to play with a friend.

There may be two girls, but there’s only one desktop computer to share in the Isabel & Nicki’s Computer Desk Set. Not only does the computer turn on and play sound effects when you press the keyboard buttons, but it also illuminates and interacts with four computer screen cards for more sounds, phrases, and music. Three AA batteries are required but not included. Click the mouse on the American Girl logo mouse pad and insert the two pretend CDs and two pretend floppy discs into the computer’s drives. The computer sits on top of a white wooden desk with space for two CD towers. There are sticker sheets (including glow-in-the-dark stickers) to accessorize the desk, a cordless phone with a base station, an alien head mug, a marker, and a picture frame featuring a photo of Isabel and Nicki. Along with a yellow plastic chair for a doll to sit in, there’s also a fabric rug with a yin-yang pattern. There’s also a booklet with a quiz to find out which of the girls you’re most like when it comes to using technology. 

Dolls and additional accessories are sold separately.

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As with all American Girl accessories, these are wonderfully detailed and do a great job of immersing girls into Isabel and Nicki’s world. These have some nostalgia for adults and older doll collectors who actually lived through the ’90s – and probably drank a lot of soda from those red Pizza Hut cups. Today’s girls will love exploring this time period and playing out all sorts of imaginative adventures with these accessory sets.


Variety of accessory sets

Detailed sets immerse girls into Isabel and Nicki’s world

Imaginative play


Computer doesn’t come with batteries

Hard to fit Nicki’s shoes into skateboard straps

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