All Linked Up and Sticker Chic Rainbow Street Chic, Butterfly Bling, and Juicy Couture Review

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Editor's Review

What will you create with all-new crafts kits from Make It Real?

All Linked Up is a collection of 300 plastic links in different sizes and colors. From frosted, translucent, and opaque, these interlocking and interchangeable fashion links can be linked up to create bracelets, necklaces, and other cool fashion accessories. Simply take two links and align the openings of the links together. Push them gently together, and then turn one of the links so that the gaps no longer align. Continue connecting more links using that same method. Inside the tube, you’ll also find a butterfly charm, two metal chains, four plastic lobster clasps, three pairs of breakaway buckles, six jump rings, and instructions.

The Sticker Chic line of shoe stickers lets kids add temporary tattoos to their shoes. There are three themes. With Rainbow Street Chic, you get to make 300 stickers. With Butterfly Bling, you can make 210 stickers. And with Juicy Couture, you can make 336 stickers. Each set comes with sticker transfer sheets. Peel off the protective side from the transfer sheet and place your chosen sticker on the transfer sheet with the artwork facing the sticky side. Then peel off the protective backing from the sticker. Flip over the transfer sheet and position it against the shoe so that the sticky side touches the shoe. Then use the application tool to secure the sticker by pressing from the center toward the edges to remove air bubbles. Peel back the transfer sheet and use it for more stickers. You can also add other cool elements to the stickers, depending on the kit, such as charms, button clips, puffy stickers, and gem stickers. Each kit also comes with a pair of shoelaces.

All Linked Up and Sticker Chic Rainbow Street Chic, Butterfly Bling, and Juicy Couture

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Both of these kits are easy to do and let kids get creative. All Linked Up really lets kids put the links together to create whatever fashion accessory they want, and it comes with a lot of links. The Sticker Chic sets each come with a lot of stickers, plus other extras for making really cool designs on your shoes. We also like that there are three themes to choose from, depending on what a kid is interested in. Whether making a bracelet with the colorful plastic links or spiffing up their shoes with the stickers, kids will have fun letting their creations showcase their sense of creativity and style.

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