Akedo Ultimate Arcade Warriors Ultimate Battle Arena & Mini Battling Figures Review

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Enter the world of Akedo (or “arcade” in Japanese) and become a battling legend. There are multiple battling figures to collect and many different ways to battle them, but the battling rules are essentially the same. Place the figures on their battling platforms and slide the controllers back and forth for some Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robot action. If your figure gets hit and breaks apart, you lose a health point. Slide the scorer on your battling platform down one notch. Then, reset your figure and fight again. The first player to reach zero points is the loser.

Battle away with Mini Battling Action Figures Versus Packs. Each one includes two figures, one of which is an Epic Warrior, with battling platforms. There are six Versus Packs to collect.

The Ultimate Battle Arena takes your battles to the next level with a double-sided arcade background, a dojo training bag, and more than 35 battle sound effects. It includes two exclusive ultra rare figures and two battling platforms. The dojo bag can be removed when you’re ready to battle, and there are two scoreboard sliders on the top of the arena.

Each of these comes with a collector’s guide, and either sets can be used with any of the more than 38 battling figures there are to collect, including classic, epic, ultra rare, legendary, and exclusive ultra rare figures. There is even a limited-edition mythical Stormstrike figure that glows in the dark.

Akedo Ultimate Arcade Warriors Ultimate Battle Arena & Mini Battling Figures

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Kids will like the collectibility of these battling figures and creating fun battles either on their own or with friends. We like that both of the toys in this video come with two figures for battling right out of the box, but the sound effects with the Ultimate Battle Arena (including silly sounds, such as farting) bring the play to life.

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