Airbrush Plush Wildcat and T-Rex Review

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Editor's Review

There are two new designs to pick from; a Wildcat or T-Rex. With the Airbrush Plush you can design and customize your own adorable plushie! Your plushie will be one-of-a-kind! Each set comes with your plush pet, the airbrush tool, 4 air brush colors, stencils, and plastic gloves. Once you’ve selected your color, place it in the hole and push. Go ahead and spray free-handed or use the stencils and place them anywhere you’d like to decorate your new plush pet! Best part is that the stencils are reusable so once you’re done using them you can return them to the sheet. To avoid smearing allow your plush to fully dry. If your child decided to change their pets design, they can do just that by washing him and making a new design!

Airbrush Plush Wildcat and T-Rex

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It’s a fun DIY project. You get to re-decorate over and over again. The stencils help with the creativity process.

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