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Editor's Review

Give a cute panda a cool look with the Airbrush Plush Panda! Use stick-on stencils and four marker colors to spray fun styles and designs onto the plush panda’s white fur. And when you’re ready to design again, just give your panda a wash. 

Once you’ve inserted batteries into the airbrush tool, choose one of the four airbrush markers to insert into the tool. Then hold the tool about half an inch away from the plush and press the button to spray. This can get messy, so it’s recommended that you wear the included plastic gloves and cover your work surface.

You can use the tool with or without stencils to create different patterns or blended color effects. The stick-on stencils are reusable, so make sure to keep the sticker sheet nearby. Let your plush pet dry before playing (which can take up to 24 hours) to avoid smearing color or transferring color to skin and surfaces. 

The plush pet can be hand washed under cool running water or machine washed separately in cold water. Let dry fully before decorating again.

The kit comes with one plush pet, an airbrush tool, four airbrush colors, 120 stick-on stencils, and a pair of plastic gloves. You will need two AA batteries, water, and scrap cardboard or newspaper to protect your work surface.

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Kids will like getting creative to design this panda stuffed animal however they want. And because it’s washable, they can design in many different ways. Finished results will vary depending on a child’s skill level, but the stick-on stencils do make it easier for kids to make specific designs.


Inspires creativity
Stick-on stencils make designing easier
Washable for designing again and again


Batteries aren’t included

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