Air Hogs Gravitor Flying Toy Review

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Editor's Review

The Gravitor is a lightweight, trick- and stunt-oriented hover toy from Air Hogs. Before you begin, attach the included trick stick to the center of the Gravitor. Also, make sure that the Gravitor is fully charged by using the included charging cord. A blinking light indicates that it is still charging, and a persistent light means it is fully charged and ready to go. To begin, hold the Gravitor by the trick stick and make sure it is as upright as possible. Flip the switch and wait a few moments. The fan will warm up, then go to top speed shortly after. Wait for top speed to begin playing. Toss it gently up in the air and watch it glide. Try to catch it with your flat open palm and watch as it hovers above your hand! Make sure your palm is perfectly flat, otherwise your fingers may get nicked slightly by the spinning fan.

Pass it to your friends by holding the Gravitor by the trick stick, adding a slight angle, then giving it a gentle push. If you need to stop the motor, hold the Gravitor upside down by the trick stick and wait a few moments. It should stop on its own. It’s a bit difficult to control, so try to be precise in your movements. This toy is meant for indoor use but also requires ample space, so a playroom or living room is the ideal location. If the Gravitor collides with a wall or the ground, the motor will stop on its own by design. Simply switch it off and on again to return to the action.

Two trick sticks are included. If a particularly hard crash occurs, the trick stick may dislodge. Always keep an eye on where the Gravitor will land. Be sure to keep the Gravitor fully charged for optimum performance.

Air Hogs Gravitor Flying Toy

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The Gravitor is a toy that can be fun if you have the time to practice, and have ample indoor space to do so. Should you meet both of these prerequisites, give it a try.

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