Air Hogs Flippin’ Frenzy RC Vehicle Review

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Editor's Review

R/C fans will flip over the newest addition to Spin Master’s Air Hogs lineup. Air Hogs Flippin’ Frenzy is a remote-control vehicle with what Spin Master calls “360-degree tornado action”. What does that mean? Well, it flips over from its red side to its blue side, and vice versa. That’s if you press the remote’s right Flip Trigger. If you press the left Frenzy Button, the vehicle does a crazy flip-spin combo move.

You can also drive the vehicle forward, backward, left, and right using the directional joysticks on the remote. Two drift adjuster buttons help keep the vehicle driving straight.

This has giant wheels made of a soft foam so that it can be used indoors.

Air Hogs Flippin' Frenzy RC Vehicle

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Flippin’ Frenzy is pretty easy to drive, and we like that it has two different stunts. It’s really cool to watch this vehicle flip and spin over and around its giant foam wheels. Kids will have fun driving this around the house, creating obstacle courses for it, and just making it flip and spin.

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