Aha! Digestion, Aha! Growth Mindset, and Aha! Emotion Science Review

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Editor's Review

Parents will love seeing that “aha!” moment when kids realize that science can be fun, and they’ll come to that realization when playing with the Aha! series of science kits.

Aha! Digestion shows kids ages 4 and up how the human body works through experiments that include a poop lab, food slime, digestion lava lamp, nutrients game, and more. A secret mission envelope adds some roleplay to the science, and a full-color storybook provides information about the science behind each experiment. This kit comes with everything you need, except for water. 

Aha! Growth Mindset is all about nurturing intellectual and social emotional development in kids ages 4 and up. In the full-color storybook, kids will read about baby brain twins with opposite mindsets. Then kids will build a brain vending machine and an apple orchard, and play three hands-on games to learn how our brains grow when we are open to new challenges.

Aha! Emotion Science helps kids ages 5 and up explore the science of emotion through playing with electric circuits. Through the full-color storybook, kids travel through the galaxy, identifying emotions and learning about the mind-body connection. Then kids get to build a robot (four AA batteries are required) and use conductive dough to activate an emotion circuit.

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These hands-on science kits will be fun for kids to put together (though younger kids will need adult assistance as some of the assembly is hard), and there’s a lot of play through the different science experiments. Each kit comes with almost everything you need to get started, and the pieces are colorful and well-made. Kids will feel like young scientists and explorers through each kit’s activities.


Variety of activities
Pieces are colorful and well-made
Hands-on and fun science learning


Difficulty assembling certain pieces
Emotion Science doesn’t include batteries

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