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Editor's Review

This Delta Children Adventure Stroller Wagon was a life changing product to have on a recent family beach trip we took! We had 4 kids on this trip, a 6 month old, 8 month old, 18 month old, and a 3 year old. We knew it would be great for the boardwalk but what we didn’t know is that it would be great for the whole trip. We used it for the beach, the night, and going from one of our hotel rooms to the other room. The wagon fits 2 children comfortably with a three point harness. However, I would’ve preferred a 5 point with the 18m old. As the kids get older, the 3 point harness doesn’t really contain them that well. It also holds up to 110 lbs. total and it’s recommended for 9m and up but, as long as the child can sit up relatively well, they can sit in it. Riley was 6m and he could sit in it, but wasn’t sturdy so we didn’t keep him in it long. The wagon has large 8 inch wheels that are puncture-proof airless foam, swivel front wheels with brakes on all 4 wheels, an adjustable handlebar for comfort, and durable, weather resistant fabric. The UV Blocking Canopy- solid shades on the long sides and mesh sides on the front and back helps protect from the sun but lets the breeze through. We loved the removable center console with cup holder and storage pocket that held our snacks and phones during our many walks. The wagon is a compact fold and easy to transport but it does weigh about 36.3 lbs. so it can be a bit of a heft to lift into a car. We took it to the beach, but it wasn’t great on the sand but it did what we needed it to do, which was hold our belongings and let us cart the kids around. We didn’t have to go far so it wasn’t that hard to pull/push. It was nice being able to put the 8 month old in the cart and also being able to put the diaper bags and beach bags on the other side. For the boardwalk it was great! During the day we had the babies sitting up inside it with the canopy on to shade them from the sun, but at night we would be able to lay the baby down inside it for them to sleep and we roll down the sides so the lights wouldn’t bother them.

Adventure Stroller Wagon

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Should I get it?

Yes! We loved how compact it is and easy to store.


  • Compact
  • Lightweight for a wagon
  • Spacious


  • There’s no place to put the canopy and pad when folded up

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