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Editor's Review

Get ready for a purrr-fect new game for your next game night. A Game of Cat & Mouth features a game box that unfolds to become the game board with a few things to set up before you play, such as the big cat head in the center. Each player takes four yellow balls and a magnetic Paw Flicker on their side of the board. The object is to flick balls from your side to your opponent’s side through the cat’s mouth. There are three ways you can win the round and score a point: If you hit the Black Nose Ball onto the other player’s side of the board, if all three White Teeth Balls are on the other player’s side of the board at the same time, or if all eight Yellow Balls are on the other player’s side of the board at the same time. Once one of those things happens, the round is over, the winning player adds one point to his Point Counter, and you reset the game to start the next round. The first player to win five points wins the whole game.

Sometimes balls might fly off the board, and in that case, you’d shout “Paws!” to signal that both players must stop flicking balls while the runaway ball is retrieved.

A Game of Cat & Mouth

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This game reminds us of pinball and ping pong but with a magnetic slingshot that looks like a cat paw. We really like that the game is so compact, easily folding and unfolding for play anywhere. It’s also easy to learn how to play, with a nice level of skill-and-action challenge. And if you’re a cat person, you’ll love the theme of the game.

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