5 Surprise Toy Mini Brands! Collectibles and Toy Shop! Review

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Editor's Review

Collect some of your favorite toys in a tiny size with 5 Surprise Toy Mini Brands! Each ball unpeels to reveal five slices, each with a different mini toy inside. Of course, ZURU has miniaturized some of its own toys, such as an X-Shot water blaster and a 5 Surprise Unicorn Squad ball. But you might also find a tiny hula hoop or a Nickelodeon action figure. Plus, there are accessories to collect, such as toy shelves, a shopping cart, and shopping bags, for playing out a toy store experience. Keep track of your collection on the collector’s guide. There are more than 120 mini toys to collect.

Take your toys and accessories to the Toy Shop playset. With the 27 pieces in the set, you can build your own mini toy store, the perfect place to play with and display a Toy Mini Brands collection. Push the shopping cart or pull the rolling shopping basket up and down the aisles, and then pay at one of the two check-out stations. The playset even includes five mystery mini toys.

5 Surprise Toy Mini Brands! Collectibles and Toy Shop!

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As with other 5 Surprise toys, kids will like unboxing all the mini toys and seeing familiar products brought down to such a tiny size. The playset gives kids a space to play with the mini toys, encouraging imaginative play. We can see kids making dolls or action figures go shopping inside the mini toy store!

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