5 Surprise Mini Brands Disney Store Edition Series 1 Review

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Editor's Review

You may know 5 Surprise Mini Brands, but if you don’t, a quick introduction: these ball capsules unwrap into 5 slices, which themselves open again and reveal a miniature prize. It’s an unboxer’s dream! This Mini Brands series is based on Disney properties, so every miniature replicates a tiny Disney action figure or doll. Classic Disney characters are here, along with some Star Wars and Marvel characters. The amount of detail on these miniatures is incredible! C-3PO’s iconic molded detail is visible behind the clear packaging window, and Spider-Man has immaculately applied eyes on his tiny head. On each and every mini, the graphic design of a toy package is perfectly replicated at this incredibly small scale.

There are a total of 70 miniatures to collect in this series, and 6 display accessories, such as a display stand, or a shopping bag. You may even get lucky and find an ultra rare gold mini! With so many possibilities and intricate packaging, 5 Surprise Mini Brand prize balls are just as much fun to unwrap as they are to collect.

5 Surprise Mini Brands Disney Store Edition Series 1

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5 Surprise Mini Brands are fun to collect and to unwrap. You never know what you’ll get!

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