3D Tunnel Book Ocean Set Review

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Editor's Review

Create stunning 3-D art with 3D Tunnel Books. Paint the pieces, pop them onto the pages, and pose the pieces to create different displays or even make stop-motion movies. The ocean-themed kit comes with a seven-page 3D Tunnel Book, 12 totem poppet animals, 100 mini brads, a watercolor set and brush, three gel pens, and three binder rings. Follow the directions to paint and put the pieces together to create your unique 3-D book. The instructions even provide ideas and questions to get kids learning more about the ocean animals they’re painting, as well as suggestions for how kids can tell their ocean story.

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Each kid’s 3D Tunnel Book is going to look different because this is a very open-ended arts and crafts kit. We like that kids can paint however they want, put the pieces together however they want, and tell whatever story they want. This craft will require a lot of patience because there are many things to paint, and you have to let the paint dry. The paint also leaves a residue on the paper, and the brads are tiny and tedious to work with. But crafty and creative kids will enjoy the process as they see their creation come together. 

While this is recommended for ages 10 and up, younger kids could also complete the craft with adult assistance.


Encourages creativity
Pieces are poseable
Comes with everything you need


Requires patience while waiting for pieces to dry
Brads are tiny and tedious to work with
Powdery residue on the paper after painting

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