2023 Bakugan Battle Arena with Dragonoid Set and Special Attack Ventri Bakugan Review

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Editor's Review

The Bakugan Battle Arena for 2023 requires assembly out of the box, which isn’t too hard so long as you actually read the instructions. Once together, you have a fully kitted out arena, with a whopping 22 spaces to store your Bakugan. The arena is primarily solid pieces of black red and gray, bereft of paint, but the molded-in detail is quite nice when you look up close, plus, it houses finely crafted recesses in which you can place Bakugan arena cards or stat cards. There is a spring loaded bumper on one side of the arena, and a spinning multi-pronged bumper on the other, which add an element of unpredictability to your battles. The gray stands also allow you to place your phone for filming Bakugan battles, but the angle isn’t ideal. It’s not bad, but it’s not great either. 

Included with the arena is the Special Attack Dragonoid Bakugan, which hides a special feature. Thread the zipcord through the bottom hemisphere and pull it through to activate the spinning motor, then place it down to watch it spin! The detachable side blades (don’t worry, they’re plastic) heighten its offensive capabilities. And of course, the Bakugan beast can reveal itself in its spring leaded glory! The sold separate Ventri is a spinning Bakugan much like the Dragonoid, but instead of a shocking red and gold color scheme, the Ventri has a mesmerizing white translucent and silver scheme.

Bakugan Battle Arena Dragonoid 780 x 780

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Should I get it?

This arena is a great starting set for Bakugan newbies, and veterans will be pleased with the unique structure and special Bakugan. It’s worth considering either way, in our opinion!


  • Assembly is easy.
  • It has tons of space to store any Bakugan you already own.
  • There are arena hazards.
  • It includes a Dragonoid Bakugan.


  • There isn’t much paint deco on the arena.
  • The phone stand, while a novel idea, is only ok in execution.

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