2022 Flatbed Truck with Hot Rods Review

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Editor's Review

The Hess Flatbed Truck comes in a uniquely sleek box, adorned in Hess green and illustrated on box sides with a painterly quality that feels vintage. All the play features and pertinent info can be found on the bottom, so you can familiarize yourself with the toy before even opening the box. If you thought the box looked good, the toy is leagues better. The colored plastic is polished to a glossy finish, the logos and stripes are pristinely printed, and the entire Truck is gilded front to back with chrome, where appropriate. The grill, bumper, guardrails and more are super shiny and reflective, further adding to the high-end vintage toy feel. The plastic quality is high, and it’s sturdy without being too heavy.

The Red and Green Hot Rods are also a sight to behold, with just as much printed detail and chrome, but in a more compact space. Flip the switches underneath all three vehicles to activate the light features, as well as the sound features on the Truck. Use the buttons on top of the cab to toggle between sustained and flashing lights, a Hot Rod race sound, truck horn sound, and engine starting sound. Pull out the loading ramp to get even more sounds and roll your Hot Rods onto the truck bed. Last but not least, the Truck rolls smooth as silk along its real rubber tires.

Hess Toy Truck 2022

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Beautifully detailed with paint, with lights and sounds, the 2022 Hess Toy Truck is a worthy addition to the long lineage of this toy line. Pick one up if you can!


  • It’s a beautiful looking toy, thanks in no small part to its excellent craftsmanship and the chrome paint.
  • It has light and sound features.
  • It rolls very smoothly.
  • Batteries are included.


  • None!

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