2022 Barbie and Ken Fashionistas Dolls Review

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Break out your Barbies for a fashion show. There are all-new Barbie and Ken Fashionistas coming down the runway: seven new styles for Ken and 14 for Barbie. Each doll comes packaged up in a reusable, translucent zippered pouch.

The new Kens (style numbers 174, 176, 183, 184, 191, 192, and 193) all have sculpted hair with styles ranging from surfer chic to punk. In our video review, we’re highlighting style 183, an African-American Ken doll with curly black hair. He wears a colorful camo print T-shirt with neon green shorts and silver sneakers. And Ken style 192 has light brown hair and patches of vitiligo on his skin. He wears a “Malibu” tank top, red denim shorts, and blue sandals.

The new Barbies (style numbers 168, 169, 170, 171, 172, 173, 177, 178, 179, 180, 181, 182, 187, and 190) feature different hair colors and hairstyles, facial sculpts and skin tones, and body types. In our video review, we’re highlighting style 172 in a heart-printed top with ruffled sleeves, matching shorts, white sneakers, and heart-shaped sunglasses. Her long black braided hair completes the look. Style 182 wears an orange floral print dress with ruffled hem and light-colored heels. She wears a golden headband in her brown hair. And style 190 has purple streaks in her blonde hair. Her rainbow-colored dress has a cool prism pattern and a triangular cut-out in the center. Her neon green boots and pink watch complete the look.

2022 Barbie and Ken Fashionistas Dolls

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Any of these dolls would make a great addition to a Barbie Fashionistas collection. With so many new dolls to choose from and so much diversity in the lineup, kids will have fun collecting the dolls whose fashions they like best and the dolls who look like them. We are especially fans of the zippered packaging, giving kids an easy way to store their doll and accessories for organization at home or for taking their dolls on the go.

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