2021 Marvel Black Widow Roleplay Toys Review

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Editor's Review

With the Black Widow Taskmaster Stealth Slash Sword & Shield, kids can carry out stealth missions just like Taskmaster. The shield can be worn as a gauntlet thanks to an adjustable strap and a handlebar. The plastic sword can be stored inside the shield. And when you pull it back out, the shield’s panels are revealed.

To fully inhabit the character, kids may also want to add the Black Widow Taskmaster Mask to their roleplay. This plastic mask features an adjustable elastic strap that goes around the back of the head and a padded nosepiece for comfort. Holes in the nose and mouth allow some airflow in and out. The translucent eyepiece has blue tech graphics, as though kids are lining up the enemy in their sight.

And if Taskmaster is really your favorite character from the movie, you’ll want to play with the Black Widow Titan Hero Series Taskmaster action figure. This 12-inch action figure comes with a lot of accessories, including a sword and shield, a claw-like arm accessory, and a Blast Gear launcher with the ability to launch a projectile with the push of a button. The action figure is poseable at the legs, arms, and head.

But what about the star of the movie, Black Widow? We only have one toy to review, and that’s the Black Widow Stinger Strike. This can also be worn gauntlet-style with an adjustable strap and a handlebar. To launch, pull back on the red bar, use your thumb to hold down on the Black Widow symbol button, and punch forward. Three Nerf Elite darts are included, and there is storage space for two on the blaster. The black blaster has a cool look with red and blue accents, including some that are translucent.

2021 Marvel Black Widow Roleplay Toys

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All four of these toys are a great way for fans of the movie or superhero fans in general to create their own action-packed stories. We also like that the toy round-up lets kids play as the good guy or the bad guy.

The sword and shield roleplay set has a pretty decent movie-realistic look, with a three-pronged orange design on the front and somewhat of a metallic shine.

And while the mask did look pretty similar to what’s shown in the movie, there were bits on our mask that were a little scuffed-up due to a bad paint job.

We like that the action figure comes with so many accessories, but it’s lack of poseability makes it more playable for the younger fans.

The Nerf darts on the Stinger Strike don’t fly very far, but it is cool that it’s the movement of your arm that launches them.

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