2021 LEGO Friends Heartlake City Sets Review

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Editor's Review

Get ready for a day of shopping with the Heartlake City Shopping Mall! An extensive shopping toy, with stores, a photo booth, toy fashion stand and a food court, packed with clever details so kids can recreate a family day out at the Heartlake City mall. It includes 6 characters- 4 LEGO Friends mini-dolls, a micro-doll, and a baby figure- plus accessories to bring the imaginative shopping play to life. The mall has 5 stores covering a range of kids’ interests, from tech and music, to fashion and toys. On the 3rd floor of this playset is a food court with a bubble-tea stand and a noodle restaurant. There’s a moving escalator and a slide to connect the second and third floors too!

And I’m sure after a long day of shopping you’ll need some sweets! In comes the Heartlake City Bakery! Kids can role-play working in a cafe, delivering cakes on a cool scooter and hanging out with their friends. This snack-sized bakery set features 3 characters, including a cute dog figure. It’s packed with cute and delicious looking bakery toy accessories!

If sweets aren’t your thing, we’ll LEGO thought of that too! Here we have the Heartlake City Organic Cafe! It comes with a toy kitchen garden and a juice delivery bike for boys and girls who want to build a better planet, brick by brick. It includes 3 mini-dolls for limitless role-play fun, including a new grandpa mini-doll and granddaughter micro-doll, plus cute details and realistic features for kids to explore.

Now some of our new LEGO Friends have pets and they need some lovin’ too! The Heartlake City Vet Clinic provides all the love and care they need! This quick-to-build set includes 8 characters so kids can play out open-ended stories of animal care. There are 3 mini-dolls, a guide dog, horse toy with saddle, kitten, puppy and a baby turtle.

To bring even more pets to the clinic there’s the Heartlake City Vet Clinic Ambulance! Besides being able to build the ambulance, it comes with a cute, brick-built tree house to spark even more animal-saving storytelling fun! It includes 2 mini-doll figures, cat and kitten toys and a kids’ rabbit toy, as well as lots of fun children’s vet kit accessories.

2021 LEGO Friends Heartlake City Sets

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These are all compatible with each other. Teaches kids building skills and creates confidence. There are also clear step-by-step instructions which are easy to follow.

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