2021 Barbie Dreamhouse Review

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Editor's Review

The hottest house in town is off the market. Barbie’s just moved into her new Dreamhouse. How many dream houses does a girl need? This one is Barbie’s 12th! In the newest Barbie Dreamhouse, she’s got a pool, slide, and elevator, plus lights, sounds, and 70 accessories.

This three-foot by three-foot house has three floors of fun. When you walk in the front door, you’ll be in the living room, complete with pink couch, flat-screen TV, and fireplace. If you’re more of an animal lover, just turn around the TV/fireplace piece to reveal a fish tank, cat scratching post, and dog house. A pet bed, food dish, bag of pet food, cat figure, and dog figure are included.

Head into the kitchen for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the table, which is set up for the plug-and-play accessories to keep them sturdy during play. The kitchen is pretty fancy with an opening fridge and oven door. Close the oven door to start the timer, and press down on one of the stove burners for sound effects. There are four buttons on the wall that change up the home’s mood. Press the yellow sun button to turn on yellow lights throughout the whole house as well as happy music with birds chirping in the background. If it’s getting close to bedtime, press the blue moon button for blue lights, soothing music, and crickets. If you’re ready for a party, press the pink music button for colorful flashing lights and dance music. And if you just need some light, press the green light button until you find the colored light you want.

Now hop into the wheelchair-accessible elevator for level two. The bathroom has a sink, toilet, and shower, complete with sound and light effects when you press the button on the toilet and the button in the shower. The bedroom is next, complete with full-length mirror in front of the closet and bunk beds with a trundle bed underneath for sleepovers. The bedroom leads outside to a balcony with a swinging chair.

Back into the elevator for floor three. Now you’re in the DJ room, the perfect spot for Barbie and her friends to have a dance party. A disco ball hangs from the ceiling, and all kids have to do is press the button on the floor to start the music and lights. And when Barbie needs a dancing break, head out to the rooftop patio grill, which can also be turned around to reveal a delicious dessert surprise.

There’s also space on the rooftop patio for a rooftop pool, but kids can move the pool to the first level to use it with the slide. There’s even a matching slide and puppy pool. The grassy mat can also be used on the rooftop or on the ground level.

And that doesn’t even begin to cover all the different accessories that come with this set, from blankets and towels to light fixtures and pretend food.

2021 Barbie Dreamhouse

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This Barbie Dreamhouse is amazing. We love the updated amenities and all the accessories it comes with. We like that the accessories and the lights and sounds allow kids to not only customize the house’s look but also the stories told inside it. This is going to inspire a lot of imaginative play.

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