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Editor's Review

Can you guess the name of this game? It’s 20 Questions! In this classic game, you’ve got to be the first player to reach the Finish space on the question mark-shaped game board by correctly guessing mystery topics through a series of clues. You might be guessing a person, a place, or a thing. 

You’ll need two to six players ages 8 and up. To start, the youngest player draws a card from the top of the deck and says, “I am a person, place, or thing” depending on what is shown at the top of the card. This player is then the Reader for the round. The other players are guessers. 

Each card has clues numbered one through 20, so a guesser will select a number between one and 20 and cover that number on the clue board with a purple guessing chip. The Reader reads the corresponding clue, and the Guesser then has 10 seconds to guess the person, place, or thing. If the Guesser is correct, the Guesser and Reader both get to move along the game board. The Reader receives one point (or one space) for each number that is covered with a Guessing chip, while the Guesser receives one point (or one space) for each number that is not covered. Then a new round begins with a new Reader and card.

However, if the Guesser is incorrect, the next player gets a chance at guessing by choosing a number, covering it on the clue board, and listening to the clue. 

Instead of clues, some of the cards contain special instructions, such as Take a One Free Guess Anytime Chip, Lose a Turn, Move Ahead, Move Back, Move to the Next Bonus Space, Move Any Other Player, and Guess Now and Pick Another Clue. There are also Bonus spaces on the game board, and if you end your move on one, you get to play a Bonus Round, guessing person, place, or thing after hearing clues read aloud in groups of five. If you guess correctly, you get to move ahead bonus spaces.

The game comes with 300 20 Questions cards, six playing pieces, 20 purple clue guessing chips, five blue free guess chips, a game board, and a clue board.

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Should I get it?

This is a great updated version of the classic game. Especially with the people and things, you’re guessing stuff that is relevant to today and prominent in today’s pop culture. But among TikTok and Eleven from Stranger Things, you still have more general cards, such as a microphone, George Washington, and a zoo. This is a game that the whole family can play.


Comes with 300 question cards
Updates the classic guessing game
Bonus rounds & special instructions make gameplay exciting
The whole family can play



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