16-inch Barbie and Hot Wheels Bikes Review

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Editor's Review

Help kids learn to ride alongside favorite characters and brands with the 16-inch Barbie and Hot Wheels Bikes. Each one has 16-inch wheels along with removable training wheels. These single-speed bicycles feature a steel y-framed design and are best if used on sidewalks and in safe areas as kids learn to pedal and balance with the training wheels and then without. The rear coaster brake function means kids simply pedal backwards to stop.

The Barbie bike is pink and purple with white tires. There are hearts on the adjustable seat and handlebars, plus deco of Barbie and stars on the bike frame. Go biking with Barbie and her pet puppy by attaching the purple basket to the handlebars and placing the included plush dog inside. To go with the dog theme, the training wheels have puppy paw prints on them. Safety reflectors are behind the seat and at the front under the handlebars.

The Hot Wheels bike is blue and orange with black wheels, and Hot Wheels deco on the chain guard, handlebars, and bike frame. The Rev Grip on the handlebars makes this bike look and sound like a real motorbike. It also has safety reflectors behind the seat and under the handlebars.

16-inch Barbie and Hot Wheels Bikes

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Both of these bikes will be fun for boys and girls who are fans of Barbie or Hot Wheels. These make great starter bikes for beginner riders, and parents will like that the training wheels can be removed when kids are ready, extending the life of the bike. The deco and added features of puppy basket and Rev Grip bring some roleplay to bike riding and just make learning to ride a bike that much more fun.

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