Price Drops Coming For PS3 and Xbox 360

by Jeff McKinney

ps3slim1Sony recently announced that it will release a slimmed-down version of the PlayStation 3 video-game console. The PS3 Slim, set for release Sept. 1, is smaller than its predecessor, has a 120GB hard drive and will cost $300, which is half of what the high-end version cost when it was released in 2006.

Now it seem that Microsoft is eager to get in on the price-dropping action and will lower the price of it’s Xbox 360. According to an ad from Best Buy, the white 60GB Xbox 360 Pro is dropping to $250 and the black 120GB Xbox 360 Elite will start selling for $300. These new prices, $50 and $100 less (respectively), are rumored to kick in next week, the same week as the PS3.

Stay tuned for more gaming deals, rumors and news.

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