Play With Gravity on Your iPhone

Here’s the drill, you are stuck in a long checkout line with a bored child who is way past his or her tolerance for adult to-do list errands. What do you do? What do you do?

Answer, grab your iPhone or iPod Touch and play a video game! No, I’m not suggesting you tune the child out and escape into a game on your own. But find a game that you can both play together like Issac Newton’s Gravity from Namco.

Issac Newton’s Gravity is a new game in which you arrange objects like ramps, gears, bumpers and blocks in order to guide a falling object to hit a switch. This is a great game to play with kids because you can handle the iPod but rely on your child’s input and creative ideas for where to place the objects in the game.

The game costs $3.99 and can be purchased through the iTunes App Store. While there, take a look at some of the other hundreds of games available and see if you can find the perfect game to play with your kids.

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