Magna-Tiles Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Sets Review (CreateOn)

Magna-Tiles Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Sets
What It Is

Explore your imagination, emotions, and bedtime routine with three new Magna-Tiles Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood sets. Each one is a colorful, magnetic construction experience for preschoolers.

So Many Feelings comes with 18 double-sided tiles in different sizes. Each tile features images of the show's characters expressing a different emotion, such as happy, mad, sad, confident, and brave. With the larger tiles, kids can change the emotion of Daniel Tiger and Katerina Kittycat. Smaller tiles let kids change the facial expressions of Prince Wednesday and Miss Elaina. And when building with the tile that asks "How are you feeling today?", kids can look at their own faces in the mirrored tile.

Ride Along Trolley comes with 15 double-sided tiles. Kids can construct a trolley on top of the wheeled chassis, and then roll Daniel and his friends all around the neighborhood visiting special locations printed on other tiles, such as the castle, the beach hut, and the museum go round.

Goodnight, Daniel comes with 17 double-sided tiles printed with images of Daniel getting ready for bed, numbers, and essential bedtime items. Kids can sequence the tiles in order of a bedtime routine. Use the numbered tiles to practice counting to five. Or rebuild the pieces into Daniel's bungalow. The number tiles are translucent, so if you build a structure with them and place an LED light inside, it will glow like a nightlight. (Light is not included.)

Is It Fun?

Little kids will like building and playing with favorite characters from Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. The tiles are easy to stick together, the imagery is colorful, and there are lots of different ways for kids to play with these.

While each of these sets helps little ones with essential developmental skills, kids will get the most educational value out of these toys when a parent participates in and guides some of the play. Of course, kids can also get creative and build whatever they want with these magnetic pieces.

Who It’s For

The Magna-Tiles Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood sets are for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

It was hard to remove the protective film from the mirror tile.

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy