LEGO DC Batman Batmobile Tumbler Review (LEGO)

LEGO DC Batman Batmobile Tumbler
What It Is

Once built, the Tumbler is a behemoth. The glossy finish of the bricks more than compensates for the sea of black. The light reflects perfectly off of all the different facets of the Timber, giving it a very high-quality appearance. It rolls very well on the real rubber tires, and it sports a few minor points of articulation. It can be tricky to move these parts without them detaching. No sweat though, as in most cases, the pieces pop right back on. There is an intentionally detaching feature up top, on the roof of the Tumbler, enabling you to see the fine detail within the driver's seat.

It weighs quite a bit, but it's also very delicate. Due to this you'll probably have trouble safely lifting it with one hand to place it on the included display base. The base will need to be built, and comes with a placard, and a rotating stand. It's an appreciated feature, but we mostly ended up displaying it on wheels. It definitely helps for uneven surfaces, though, as the wheels on the Batmobile Tumbler are very responsive to any incline. Also included are two minifigs of Batman and the Joker, which look very nice, and faithful to the source material.

Is It Fun?

This set is a ton of fun to build! Take your time and enjoy it. Once finished, it looks great on display, though be careful when you're posing the fins, as they might pop out of their joints.

Who It’s For

The Batmobile Tumbler from LEGO is a great set for adult LEGO fans 18 and up who love the Dark Knight Trilogy of films.

What To Be Aware Of

- The stand is raised slightly on one side, it is not symmetrical. Place the back wheels on the raised end to properly display the vehicle once complete.

- As mentioned, there are several moving parts with delicate connections; exercise caution when posing to avoid popping any piece off. Don't panic if something does come off, just place it back in the joint and you'll be fine.

- This set is for adult LEGO fans. The complexity of the build, coupled with the delicate final product make this inadvisable to buy for anyone under 18.

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