Anti-Colic Bottle, Learn to Brush Set, Pacifiers, and Teethers Review (MAM)

Anti-Colic Bottle, Learn to Brush Set, Pacifiers, and Teethers
What It Is

When it comes to your new baby, nothing can prepare you fully but there are products that can help ease you into your comfortable routines along the way. A set like this from MAM is very useful for the first year when you're navigating around what works best for you and your little one.

For instance, before I began my breastfeeding journey, I wasn't aware of what Nipple Shields were; now, they're like my personal trusted sidekick through this experience offering support. They help mom with sore nipples and the skinsoft silicon materials give your baby a close natural feeling to the real thing.

The Easy Start Anti-Colic 9 oz. Baby Bottle helps your little one transition to the bottle. This is a five-part bottle with a patented base that regulates pressure to help reduce air swallowed by baby, gas, and burps.

You'll be surprised at how many pacifiers you'll go through. These MAM Day & Night Pacifiers are some of the top-rated items out there. The night ones have a special glow-in-the-dark feature that I find very helpful. I have a baby that used to sleep with pacifiers so if he spat it out and needed some comfort through the night, we could easily locate this one in his crib. As he got a little older, he could find it himself in the dark.

Once your baby starts teething, these coolers are very handy. They are filled with water and I recommend keeping them in the freezer for ultimate soothing. The handle does not freeze but the cool feel helps relax the pain of bones coming through their gums. I appreciate that coolers like these also help with promoting coordination and movement skills.

Finally, the Learn to Brush Set is a fun one to teach your little ones. In their teething stages, babies may enjoy the feel of the soft bristles along their gums. The training brush and extra long handle help parents & babies hold the brush together. Dentists advise that babies can start brushing as soon as the first tooth comes through. And how exciting is that!

Why Is It Useful?

These products are functional and made with medical experts to make the first year of parenting a little easier.

Who It’s For

Newborns to babies 6 months and up.

What To Be Aware Of

You'll need to test out different products to determine which ones are the best fit for you and your little one. Babies, just like us, have preferences and it's important to recognize them.

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