5 Surprise Review (Zuru)

5 Surprise
What It Is

5 Surprise from ZURU is a new blind-bagged line of collectible toy egg capsules. Each features five unique sealed segments that kind of remind us of paper fortune tellers or cootie catchers. They come in pink and blue and each colored capsule offers more than 150 possible surprise toys inside. Peel the stopper at the top of the capsule off and the capsule will fold out into five segments that look like orange slices. Peel the plastic cover of each segment back to unveil a different toy inside. 

The pink capsules has surprises inside such as toy plants, color-changing mermaids, dress-up princesses, slime and putty, DIY jewelry, stationery, and more. 

Inside the blue capsules, you can unveil things such as prank toys, ninja action figures, squishies, super balls, stickers, zombies, and more.

Each 5 Surprise capsule comes with a collector's guide so you can check off what you are getting. 

Is It Fun?

While the pink and blue capsules may seem a bit gender-coded, you can see by the examples listed above that there is definitely a lot of cross-over "gender neutral" toys in each that any kid is going to love, no matter which capsule you grab. 

The fun, though, is in the unboxing. We like that because the toys are different and not dependent upon one another (i.e. accessories for a specific included toy) kids don't have to unbox everything at once...if they can contain their excitement. In addition, we think these new collectibles are going to make great gift items and party favors because the toys inside are so diverse and cast such a wide net for kids' interests. Plus, kids can trade them. 

Who It’s For

5 Surprise! Collectibles are for ages 3 and up from ZURU. This is a collectible line that, as we mentioned, casts a wide net for kids interested thanks to the variety of potential types of toys you can find inside ranging from mini craft toys, dolls, action figures, collectibles, wearables, and more. Parents and gift givers will definitely want to keep this one in mind for your next gift idea.

What To Be Aware Of

The pink and blue capsules tend to appeal to girls and boys respectively but, as mentioned, there are a lot of toys in each of the capsules that will appeal to both genders. 

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