Just for Cats Gone Fishin' Review (Hartz)

Just for Cats Gone Fishin'
What It Is

The Just for Cats Gone Fishin' cat toy is a teaser wand that comes in three pieces that you screw together to form one longer wand. The wand features a toy fish with a rattle inside that is attached to an elasticized cord, and a removable suction base to be used for solo play. It contains catnip.

Is It Fun?

The Gone Fishin' cat toy is a fun little cat wand as the elastic string makes the fish bounce and dance all over the place, and cats will love to catch the cute fish again and again. This toy is to satisfy the "share" play pattern, as in a shared playtime between you and your pet. The suction cup is a bit weak, but wetting the bottom of it first makes it stick much better. But even with that it still isn't going to stand up very long to a cat playing with it. The toy seems to be more enjoyable when used as a wand. The toy gets a lot more motion and is much more enticing that way. It also provides interactive play time for you and your pet.

Who It’s For

The Gone Fishin' Cat toy is suitable for all cats.

What To Be Aware Of

This toy contains catnip.

  • Pet Fun

  • People Fun

  • Value