Nintendo’s 2009 Line-Up

by Jeff McKinney


Yesterday I met with the guys from Nintendo to get some much appreciated hands-on time with some of Nintendo’s new games coming out later this year (thanks Nintendo!). Since Nintendo launched the Wii, the company has focused on making games for everyone and I can tell you without a doubt, that there is something for us all coming out this year.

Although most of the games I looked at won’t be out until the fall, two highly anticipated games will be in stores this summer. The first, due next month (July 26, 2009), is Wii Sports Resort a follow up to Wii Sports, which is included with the Wii system. Sports Resort is a collection of 12 resort-themed activities including Frisbee-Golf, Table Tennis, Wakeboarding, Basketball and Swordplay among others. The game is sold with the Wii MotionPlus, which is an accessory that snaps onto the bottom of the Wii-Remote and practically eliminates any sort of lag between your movements of the Wii-Remote and the character on the screen. For example, the slightest tilt, turn or twist of the Wii-Remote will instantly register and cause your in-game character to respond accordingly.

The second game arriving soon is the new Professor Layton puzzle adventure game, The Diabolical Box! The first Professor Layton became a huge success and the follow up game should do just as well, if not better, by introducing 150 new puzzles and a whole new mystery to be solved. Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box for the Nintendo DS/DSi will be in stores August 24, 2009.

In next Wednesday’s post, I’ll tell you all about the fall Nintendo games that I had a chance to play yesterday.

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