Nintendo Wants To Help You Shop This Holiday Season

Nintendo has created two unique Websites to make sure everyone gets the Nintendo gear they really want this year. You can have Mario leave a voice mail or send a playable message in an E-mail to someone who might be shopping for you. Just visit the site here and set up your wish list by answering a short questionnaire about which Nintendo games and accessories you want. You will also enter the name of the person you want to send the message to and your relationship to that person. There aren’t too many game choices but that’s ok because this goofy gimmick is more fun than useful.

TTPM’s electronic games section contains a more comprehensive game list, where you can check off the games you want and send the list to someone in a special holiday E-card. This could also be a great option for parents to get there kids to let them know what games they would like to receive.

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