Nintendo Sells Record Number of Wiis in December

wiiIt was starting to look as if everyone had a Wii and sales of Nintendo’s popular game console would continue to see it’s sales figures decline each month (as was the case for most of 2009). But then the holiday shopping season kicked in and Nintendo sold a record number of Wiis in December alone. What’s a record number you might ask? How about just over 3 million!

According to Nintendo, more than 3 million Wii game consoles were sold in December of 2009, which is almost 1 million more than were sold in December of 2008. The previous record for game console sales was held by Sony’s PlayStation 2, when it sold 2.7 million units during December of 2002.

I’ll be keeping a sharp eye out for the final official sales figures when they are released later this month and you can rest assured, I’ll pass that info on to you. In the meantime, did you or someone you know buy a Wii last month?

UPDATE January 20, 2010: Those final official figures were released by the NPD Group, which tracks U.S. video game sales. The total number of Wii consoles sold in December amounted to 3.8 million units.

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