New Xbox, “Xbox One” Unveiled


Microsoft just wrapped up a hotly anticipated event at the Xbox Head Quarters in Redmond, Washington. The event introduced the world to the successor to the current generation Xbox console, the Xbox 360. The new console is called “Xbox One”.

Xbox One will be more powerful than the 360. One of the best demonstrations of that power came during the new Call Of Duty game segment, when the developer showed that we will be able to see the dirt beneath a character’s finger nails in the game.

But Microsoft wants Xbox One to be way more than just a game system. The goal of the Xbox One is to be the “All in one system for every living room.” The event touched on a number of features that should help Xbox One achieve it’s goal including a partnership with the NFL to deliver an interactive, football watching experience, a new live-action HALO TV show created by Steven Spielberg and the ability to Skype with friends while playing a game. Oh yeah, we will be able to turn the whole system on through a voice command and the console will recognize whoever turned it on and instantly bring up whatever you were doing or playing during your last session.

Another really cool feature is the ability to pull up a second window, which is how you Skype, during a game. That feature will allow gamers to view a game walkthrough, while playing or allow anyone to search for a movie or TV show without stopping their game.

Xbox One will also get a newly designed Kinect that is so sensitive, it will pick up the twist of your wrist. The Xbox controller is getting revamped and there is a ton of connectivity for tablets through Microsoft’s SmartGlass app.

The Xbox One will be available worldwide, later this year. As of now, we don’t know exactly when it will be out or what it will cost. I’m looking forward to checking on it at E3 and will keep you updated with new info as I get it.

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