New Video Game: Monster Hunter Tri

If Cartoon Network is on in your house as much as it is in mine, you have probably seen a commercial for Monster Hunter Tri, the new video game from Capcom that arrives in stores today for the Wii. The game is an action role-playing game (RPG) and the first from the popular Monster Hunter franchise to be released for the Wii.  The story places the player on a quest to hunt and capture monsters but don’t let that Pokemon sounding story confuse you. This is a Teen rated game and both the content and game-play will probably be too much for younger kids to handle.

Teens and adults, however, can expect an expansive game with multiple modes of cooperative gameplay—both online and offline—multiple controller options and Wii Speak and text chat player communication support.

Look for Monster Hunter Tri in stores today for $49.99.

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