New on iPad: See What’s Different about the Shop for Kids App

Shop for Kids is now available for the iPad! You asked, we listened. Our free app now lets you browse, price compare, and buy all from your iPad or mobile phone. Plus, Shop for Kids now lets you:

  • Get notified when something you’re eyeing goes on sale
  • Sign up for alerts to let you know when the stuff you love hits shelves
  • Instant online price comparison to show you which retailer has the best current price

How does it work? Simply download the app and sign in with your TTPM account, or create a new one.

Feast your eyes on all our latest and trending reviews, plus easily browse through Toys, Baby, Pets, and everything else TTPM has to offer. As always, our instant price comparison shows you where it’s in stock and which retailer has the best online price.

Let’s say you really need that new toy from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but the current price is a little out of your family’s budget. No problem. Simply click “Be notified when there is a sale” and we’ll automatically send you an e-mail when that web blaster drops in price.

And if you’re worried about getting e-mails for one penny or a nickel’s worth of savings, don’t worry. Our alert system is smart. It will only give you a head’s up when the savings are significant. That means real info that you can use to save your family money.

But what if you’re a huge fan of, say, Monster High and you want to know when we have cool new dolls to show you. We’ve got you covered. Just head to your TTPM profile and click on Brand Subscriptions. Choose the brands you love the most, and we’ll send you an alert when new reviews go live.


Don’t worry, it’s a daily digest, so you won’t get a dozen e-mails for every new Monster High doll, just what’s new that day.

So download today to get all the latest features with the new Shop for Kids app from the folks at TTPM.

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