Netflix To Offer HD Movies On Xbox 360

It’s been a big week for Netflix announcements. First the company revealed that they are finally living up to their promise of offering their Watch Instantly feature to Mac users. This is the feature that currently allows PC users to instantly watch movies using their computers. The Mac version is entering it’s Beta testing session so hopefully it will be rolled out to all soon.

On the heals of this announcement comes the news that Netflix will also begin offering the Watch Instantly service to Xbox 360 owners via the Xbox Live service. Set to launch on November 19th, Xbox 360 users will be able to stream 300 movies in High Definition.

More and more companies including Apple’s iTunes and Hulu are making major advancements in downloadable HD content. All of this makes me wonder, why spend the money on a BluRay player and replace your library of DVDs when you will probably be able to download something comparable in the near future.

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