National Gaming Day – At Your Library?

Sounds strange but it’s true. This Saturday, November 15, is the first-ever National Gaming Day and it all takes place at your library.

Libraries across the country will participate in the largest, simultaneous national video game tournament ever held. Gamers will be able to compete against players at other participating libraries with their scores displayed online in real-time. Old-timey games, i.e. board games, will also take part in National Gaming Day with Hasbro donating the game Pictureka! to every public library branch in the U.S., with the hope of setting a record for the most people to play a game on the same day.

This gaming get-together is part of the libraries’ initiative to spread the message that libraries are about much more than books. Video games are the next logical step in the libraries addition of new media offerings for their patrons.

For more information, including a map of participating libraries, search the mighty internet!

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