Mars Curiosity Rover to Become LEGO Set

LEGO recently announced the winner of their Fall 2012 Cussoo Project and that winner is the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover!

The LEGO Cussoo Project gives everyday people the chance to see their ideas turned into a LEGO set. Here is some info from LEGO on the latest winner:

“This project rose to popularity in late summer 2012, when the real Mars Curiosity Rover approached and landed on the planet Mars in its historic mission. The model designer, LEGO CUUSOO user Perijove is a Mechanical Engineer who worked on the actual Curiosity rover at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Perijove writes that he built and submitted the rover to further the educational outreach of the Mars Curiosity rover’s incredible mission, and to encourage greater public support for space exploration.”

The final product is currently in development and should be available later this year.  LEGO will announce pricing and availability as soon as they have them so stay tuned to the Play Forum for more updates on this.

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