LEGO Building New Video Game

LEGO has had a lot of success with it’s Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Batman video games, however, these games have received a fair amount of criticism for being movie games with cute LEGO characters but little LEGO building game-play. LEGO should be able to put those complaints to rest this summer with the release of LEGO Battles for the Nintendo DS.

LEGO Battles will forego the movie tie-in and instead rely on the famous LEGO playset worlds and characters that the company is most known for. Players will build their own LEGO bases and teams using pieces of the LEGO Castle, LEGO Pirates, and LEGO Space themes. They will battle other teams in over 70 different levels, mixing and matching units to create the ultimate customized LEGO squad. In other words, we will see LEGO knights battling aliens alongside ninjas and pirates. Sounds pretty cool to me.

Look for LEGO Battles from LEGO and Warner Bros. Interactive in stores this summer.

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