Las Vegas Licensing Show: Transformers, GI Joe, Toy Story 3 and more…

By Jim Silver

I just go back from the licensing show in Las Vegas. I always enjoy visiting the show as it gives me a preview of what’s coming down the road in terms of toys and entertainment. Transformers opens up in a few weeks and the expectations are off the charts. The Devastator is one of the coolest toys of the years. Kids will be clamoring for Transformer toys over the next six months. A surprise hit could be the GI Joe movie. While I wasn’t overly excited early on about GI Joe, a colleague of mine, who’s a tough critic, just saw the movie and really liked it. Based on his feedback, it could be a big success. Toy Story 3 will be huge. Pixar usually doesn’t disappoint, and next year will be a big Toy Story year. As the year goes on, we’ll give you the inside scoop on things like Astro Boy, Planet 51, and Avatar.

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