Kids Just Wanna Have Fun!

Naya-Managua-Nicaragua-1024x1024What was your favorite toy as a child? If your children were asked to choose their favorite toy, what would be on the list?

Photographer Gabriele Galimberti posed this very question to children around the world. He took a photo of each child as they posed with their favorites. Children from wealthier families living in wealthier countries posed with an array of toys while some children had just one toy to show Galimberti. Regardless of the quantity of toys, the message from each child was the same—kids just want to play!

At TimeToPlayMag, we know just how important play is for children. Play is obviously fun, but it’s also an important part of a child’s development. Play helps kids learn on many levels. The lesson can be overtly educational such as learning letters, numbers, and colors using apps on an iPad. The lesson can be strengthening hand/eye coordination and school readiness while coloring, crafting, or painting. The lesson can also be learning to live a healthy lifestyle by simply running around outside or playing in a park. And through play, children can also learn to process tragedy, stress, loss, and a host of other seemingly “adult” feelings and situations.

At, we know that, quite often, kids have no idea that they are learning and developing valuable skills while playing because they are having so much fun!

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