Just In Time For Thanksgiving, Nintendo’s Personal Trainer: Cooking

Books are so 20th century but sometimes your Kindle just doesn’t cut it when it comes to following a dinner recipe. So what to do? Grab a Nintendo DS and pick up the new Personal Trainer: Cooking, an interactive cooking coach complete with tasty recipes and video demos.

In addition to more than 240 recipes from dozens of countries around the world, Personal Trainer: Cooking also features the DS Chef, an electronic cooking instructor who walks users through recipes one step at a time. A built in voice-recognition system allows you to ask the Chef to move forward or repeat a step, which could prove very useful when your hands are covered in flour. With the DS’ touch screen you can check off ingredients on an electronic shopping list and search through recipes by ingredients, number of calories or cooking time.

Personal Trainer: Cooking is in stores now. For more cooking video game fun, check out my review of the new Cooking Mama World Kitchen, online now at TTPM.com and have a great Thanksgiving!

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