How To Welcome a Rescue Pet into Your Home

Pet Rescue

Interested in bringing a pet home from an animal shelter or rescue group? Dana Humphrey AKA “The Pet Lady” lists 5 helpful ways to welcome that rescue pet into your home.

1. Start slow & quiet
No celebration or welcome home party.

2. Limit their world
Limit the amount of space that the pet has access to at first. Limit the number of people and animals the pet meets at first too.

3. Food Adjustment
Switch slowly to a new food to help them adjust. Also go easy on the treats.

4. Behavior issues?
Consider getting a dog trainer right away. A trainer keeps you honest and on track. Even if you think you are a savvy pet owner, be open to new ideas, as every dog and cat is different.

5. Vet check
Even if your new rescue dog has had their shots, they may need boosters or need to be heart worm tested. Don’t assume they’ve had all they need.

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