How to Pick a Perfect Toy [Infographic]

Having trouble finding a perfect present?  If you follow the four steps below, you’ll be able to pick a great gift every time.

Once you know what to buy, check out or detailed video toy reviews to find where you can find it and at the best price!  Whether it’s Barbie for a birthday or Star Wars toys for a super fan, this guide will help guarantee a gift that delivers instant fun for years to come.

how to pick a perfect toy


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Ready to find a great gift?  Asking yourself these four questions will help you to pick the perfect present every time.

1. Where does the kid live?

By knowing where the boy or girl lives, you’ll know what types of toys are appropriate for that region of the country.  If they’re in a land locked state in the midwest, chances are a surfboard won’t make a good gift.  If the person lives in southern California or Miami, they probably won’t have much use for a snowball maker.  Think about where the little one lives and then you’ll know the types of toys that can use.

2. What season is it?

Seasonality is equally as important.  If you’re sending a gift in December to a kid in Maine, warm weather toys like squirt guns and skateboards can’t be used.  Indoor toys or outdoor snow toys maybe much better for colder regions.  By remembering that the weather may be different where they live, you can help prevent making the recipient wait until the next season starts to enjoy your gift.

3.  What are they into?

Ask their parents what they’re into.  If they like sports and it’s summer, some new gear can be great.  If they’re into brainteasers and challenges, puzzles and riddle books won’t be a bust.  You now know what toys make sense for where they live and can be played with as soon as they open them.  By narrowing it down a bit further by interest you can help make sure they’ll be engaged and excited to play as soon as they see it.  That leaves one more thing.

4. How old are they?

By knowing the age range, you can sort by age in our toy reviews page.  Click here and select the sorting filters from above.  We’ll instantly recommend everything that meets your criteria and find you an ideal gift and at the best prices.

Finding a gift has never been easier when you have a plan.  Ask yourself the questions above and you’ll be on your way to giving a perfect present every time.

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