Holiday Game Recap

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you had a great holiday season or just enjoyed some down-time with friends and family. I spent Christmas with my family at my sister’s house, where I get to be the World’s Best Uncle! Video games played a big part of my family’s Christmas Vacation starting with the gifts for the nephews on Christmas morning. My six-year old nephew already owned a DS, so I have him a new Disney game to play. The two-year old nephew is constantly trying to steal that DS (resulting in plenty of fights) and since he is still a little too young for a DS of his own, I gave him a Leapster Explorer and Toy Story 3 game. Six-year old nephew was quick to hand over the DS and spent hours playing with the new Explorer so I guess everything worked out in the end. At least I didn’t stay long enough for a new round of fights over the Explorer to erupt.

The big hit among the adults in my family (including my mom) was Just Dance 2. We were all up, dancing and working off that holiday feast well into the late hours of Christmas night (some of us were still dancing the day after).

As for myself, thanks to a little snow storm affecting the North East on the day I was flying home, I got to spend 13 quality hours in an airport with my DSi. Thank you Santa for Mario vs Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem and TouchMaster Connect (reviews of both coming soon).

What did you play over the holiday break?

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