High School Musical 3: Senior Year DANCE! The Video Game

Chances are pretty good that if you have kids, especially tween girls, you are very familiar with High School Musical. Hopefully you already have your pre-sale tickets for this Friday’s theatrical release of High School Musical 3: Senior Year.

In anticipation of Friday’s big release, Disney Interactive Studios has released High School Musical 3: Senior Year DANCE! and I’ve got some great news for parents and adults. This game will be fun for you as well as the kids. HSM3: Senior Year DANCE! is, as the title may imply, a dancing game, which means players will be up off the couch and dancing as they progress through the game–think Dance Dance Revolution with the music and characters from HSM. Kids will love interacting with their favorite characters in familiar settings as they dance to music from all three High School Musical movies. Adults might not be as excited as the kids to see Troy, Gabriella, and Sharpay but they will have a great time getting active and trying to keep up with the dance moves.

High School Musical 3: Senior Year DANCE! is in stores now for Nintendo’s Wii. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation2 versions will be available the first week of November.

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