Halloween Broomstick Recipe

I am so happy that October is here! It’s time to start getting silly and making lots of fun concoctions. I love this Mozzarella Halloween Broomstick treat because it does not contain a lot of sugar and kids LOVE IT!! Plus, it is not gross or scary but very Halloweenie! Making it is very easy. It requires just three ingredients, and your kids can help you prepare it.

Mozzarella Halloween Broomsticks



1 mozzarella cheese stick

1 cracker or pretzel stick

a dab of jelly (any flavor you want)


1. Cut the mozzarella cheese stick in half crosswise.

2. Make little cuts with the knife to simulate the broom’s bristles. Make sure you don’t cut all the way to the top. Leave a 1/4 inch or so of space.

MHB - Final

3. Make a little hole on the top of the mozzarella stick with the tip of a knife to make room for the stick.

4. Dip the cracker/pretzel stick in a little bit of jelly and stick it inside the hole you made in step three.

5. Eat and enjoy!!!

I really love the combination of the salty cheese, the sweet taste of jelly, and the crunchy texture of the Pringles Stix. I promise that you and your kids will love the look and flavor of this Halloween Treat, too!

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